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December 5, 2013
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A smile - collage by FurryFursuitMaker A smile - collage by FurryFursuitMaker
I made a small collage of the moment I had with Phéline. 

After I have visit her in the hospital ( upper right picture ) I talked with the mother, I offered her to make a Pinky plush for Phéline and that I would gave it to her in suit. Sadly due to a contagious bacteria it wasn't possible to suit in Pinky. I didn't want to risk waiting on the bacteria so I decided to come as my self telling Phéline I was a friend of Pinky. I was a bit eager and decided to gave her 3 gifts, a chirstmas card, A drawing in a frame and the plush. 

It was a hard moment when I walked into the room, It was a constant fight not to cry but when I saw her face the moment I gave the pinky plush to her I knew this moment I would never forget ( bottom right picture) She was truly happy with it and wouldn't let the Pinky plushy go! ( middle picture) It was a beautiful moment and knowing I made a sweet child happy made me very grateful. 

I'm very thankful of the parents letting me share this special moment with you guys! 
here you can find a cute video of Pinky singing a song with Phéline.…

Share the love guys, you don't need a suit to make a difference for a sick child or any one els! =)


Full story here can be read here,

It all started at the Dream Night at the Zoo. It was a true honer that I was able to join this event. The Dream Night, gives sick children a chance to have a fun day at the zoo, to forget their pains and be a child for a moment. Me and 3 others where able to suit and there I came across Phéline, a sweet child who glows the moments she lay eyes on Pinky! She was so happy when she saw Pinky, we danced, cuddled, being silly, played peekaboo and on the end Pinky even received a cute kiss on her nose and to top it off we sealed our friendship with a handshake. That moment will be always one of the special moments of suiting I'll never forget.

I gave my number to her parents but I knew in the back of my mind I would never see her, so before I left her I gave her my special little pink butterfly want.

Months later I joined another special event in the Sophia Children's hospital, It was a though and emotional event. When I popped in one of my friends / volunteer said to me: Did you know? Phéline is in the hospital! She has been asking for you since she saw your picture on the wall. When I heard the news my heart skipped a beat. I was happy that she still was with us! With out any hesitation I jumped in Pinky and came to visit! It was a heart breaking moment for me, It was hard not to cry in suit. She was happy to see Pinky again! we cuddled, played, hugged and sang a dutch song name the ''Maneschijn'' It was special and I remember every second of it. I was happy to make her happy again! She is Pinky's best friend. Ever some time I sadly needed to go. After the event I was finally to meet the mother in person, she didn't know who I was and we never had the chance to chat. It touched me when I heard her story and that Phéline was so in love with Pinky, so I made a suggestion If it was nice to make a gift for her? a Mini Pinky!

After some time, busy crafting, drawing and more I was done with my gifts, sadly by then Phéline wasn't doing well. And when we finally could make a appointment that Pinky could drop by and give the gifts she sadly had catch a contagious bacteria.. This mean that Pinky could not visit her. But never the less I wanted to gave the gifts with or with out suit!

So friday It was time. I met Phéline again, I told her that I was one of Pinky friends and gave the gifts. I made a MINI Pinky plush, so Pinky would be always by her side, I made a drawing of Pinky in her butterfly outfit just like we first met at the Dream Night and a personal Christmas card! I felt very honored that the parents where so kind that I could do what I did. This I will never forget, and never want to forget. The smile and joy when she saw the Pinky plush. It brought tears in my eyes. Luckily I didn't cry there ( it was hard)

Now I hope Pinky can visit Phéline soon again, hopefully on her 3th Birthday, I'm so honored and grateful.

I want to thank Erika for letting me do this and be able to share the pictures! They both gave permission to share my unique and special moment with all of you!

Now Phéline always have Pinky by her side, to give her smiles till the real Pinky can visit <3

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that is adorable! Haters need to get their facts straight! furries do wonderful things like this for an example! Lovely Shoujo Emoji (Huggy Hug) [V2] 
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Thank you kindly <3
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*Continues to cry.*
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This is soon cute and what kind of problem does the baby have?
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If I'm correct, the baby has a form of blood cancer. :(
thunderwolf101 Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Oh that would be horrible
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This is why furries are beautiful.
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